MRT/GET 2021 Day 33, May 7,  Friday
• Start 30070 about to start Milligan Hills XC
• End Magdalena, NM
• Miles walked: 28.2

The day begins in the Milligan Hills on the approach to the Magdalena Mountain Range, playing a curious cross-country game of a sequence of directions, half a mile east along a fence line, then go up an arroyo until finding old two-tracks, and so on, all with an implied aim of navigating around blocks of private land, state land, and BLM.

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Withington and Potato

MRT/GET 2021 Day 32, May 6,  Thursday
• Start 28280 Red Canyon, beyond Apache Kid Wilderness
• End 30070 about to start Milligan Hills XC
• Miles walked: 25.0

Starting up Red Canyon, still on the Apache Kid Trail, the route uses switchbacks to gain 2k elevation up to Grassy Lookout with its fine 360 degree views, where the Apache Kid terminates.

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