Around Flagstaff

  • AZT 2020 Day 25, April 2, Thursday
  • Start mile 565 Flagstaff. Urban Trail junction (passage31mile6.3)
  • End mile 587.1, base of Little Eiden Mountain
  • Miles walked: 22.1

Two choices of trail are before me. The main route goes east of Flagstaff, crosses I40, and then heads northwest until it reaches north of Flagstaff, crossing the outskirts of the city. Total is roughly 30 miles. The urban route goes straight north into town, passes near the grocery store, and continues north to meet up with the first route, about 15 miles. I suspect my family wants me to maximize social distancing (strange term), so the longer route it is.

First I explore Walnut Canyon a little, but find it too brushy. Nice rocks though.

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Lake Country AZ

  • AZT 2020 Day 24, April 1, Wednesday
  • Start mile 542.7 near old railroad bed (passage30mile1.8)
  • End mile 565 Flagstaff. Urban Trail junction (passage31mile6.3)
  • Miles walked: 22.3

The route goes by the remains of an old logging railroad from 1923.

The San Francisco Peaks above Flagstaff come into view, seen throughout the day.

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