Stemple Pass Flesher Pass

CDT Montana 2016

Day 26, July 31,  Sunday.

Start 21-070M along majestic ridge, about 13 miles bofore Stemple Pass

Stop 22-045M 2.3 miles beyond Flesher Pass

Miles walked: 27.3

Camp last night was just down from a high exposed ridge with great views, so I get to start the day walking in glory on high ridge.

Arty self portrait in early morning sun.

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Dry Ridge

CDT Montana 2016

Day 25, July 30, Saturday.

Start 20-040WT first spring pass MacDonald Pass

Stop 21-070M along majestic ridge, about 13 miles bofore Stemple Pass

Miles walked: 27.0

Train whistles sounded clearly in the night, making me think of home.

Even early in the morning the scenery is showing more variety than recent hiking.

I met southbounder Brazil Nut early in the day, and no other hikers later on. She reported on how rare the water sources are ahead of me.

The trail passes by the ruin of a trestle. Fallen trees seem to help support the structure.

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CDT Montana 2016

Day 22, July 27, Wednesday.

Start in Anaconda at Big Sky RV Park, near AN260-M, mile 26.4 of Anaconda route, then accepted ride to Morel Road AN-372RL, mile 37.2 of Anaconda route.

Stop near 19-272GT, a few miles after Anaconda Cutoff reunites with CDT

Miles walked: 14.2 Anaconda + 5.8 CDT = 20.0

An early start gets me to the grocery store shortly after it opens. Repackaging food takes time, so I am back walking at 9:30AM. With a long road-walk ahead before getting to public land with water to camp, it would be better to be further along.

I need to ship some gear back home, so swing by the post office. Several old historic buildings are in this part of town.

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