Not Lake Mormon

  • AZT 2020 Day 23, March 31, Tuesday
  • Start mile 514.7 near Wild Horse Tank (passage28mile18)
  • End mile 542.7 near old railroad bed (passage30mile1.8)
  • Miles walked: 28

As the terrain of our route becomes more rolling low hills, patches of snow are sheltered from the sun, extending snow melt season. The wet mud from yesterday morning returns, not everywhere, just enough to keep things interesting.

Several seasonal lakes cluster together, with frogs singing.

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  • AZT 2020 Day 22, March 30, Monday
  • Start mile 483.8 in General Springs Canyon (passage27mile2.6)
  • End mile 514.7 near Wild Horse Tank (passage28mile18)
  • Miles walked: 30.9

In the early morning the ground is frozen, so any patches of mud in the trail are not a problem to walk on.

Further away from the Rim the terrain becomes more flat, in pine forest, with no views of distant mountains.

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