Holy Island of Lindisfarne

​St Cuthbert Way Day 8, April 23, Sunday

Start Lindisfarne Inn, Beal

Stop Bambaugh Inn, Lindisfarne

Miles walked: 9.4

In the morning we start a road-walk to the causeway for Holy Island. This is a non-elevated causeway that connects the island to mainland across a tidal mudflat, so the road is underwater for much of its length at high tide, or twice a day. We have to time our crossing with tide tables.

On the causeway, there is enough room for hikers to walk just off the pavement for nearly the total distance.

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​St Cuthbert Way Day 7, April 22, Saturday

Start Wooler, Rockcliffe B&B

Stop Lindisfarne Inn, Beal

Miles walked:  15.4

From Tower Hill, the location of an ancient 12th century fort and 16th century castle, you can look down on much of Wooler.

We pass a school that was the site of a former POW camp in WW2, where Italian prisoners carved this figure.

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Highest Shortest Middlest

​St Cuthbert Way Day 5, April 20, Thursday

Start Morebattle at Templehall Hotel

Stop Kirk Yetholm, The Farmhouse b&b

Miles walked:  9

Today we will reach the highest elevation on the trail, hike our shortest mileage day, and pass the midway point.

We cross a footbridge on the way out of Morebattle.

The way goes mostly straight up a steep slope to a peak at Grubbit Law.

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