Colorado Trail 2023

(PDF download of trip journal)

Post CT

  • CT Day 25, July 24, Monday
  • Start: Durango CO
  • End: Lemitar NM

Departing the hostel, I took a trolley (free this month) to the Durango and Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad (D&SNGRR) train depot, where historic steam engine excursions depart and arrive daily. My son arrived to give me a ride back to New Mexico.

But first we spent some time browsing the (free) museum housed in the roundhouse building that services the locomotives.

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Terminus CT

  • CT Day 24, July 23, Sunday
  • Start. CT mile 472.9
  • End: CT mile 486.0, The End, and hitch to Durango
  • Miles walked: 13.1

I had camped halfway up a mountainside, so the morning starts with a climb to 9.6k . Someone had recently come by with a weed-whacker to knock down brush along the trail.

I chatted with Goldie, a CT hiker who would also finish today.

During a long descent, I finally get to altitudes where pine and Gambel oak are dominant, and spruce and fir are gone.

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