High Plains

  • NNML 2019 Day 15, June 24, Monday
  • Start along Rio San Antonio mile 224 (sec4mile14)
  • End near Arroyo Punche corral mile 248 (sec4mile38)
  • Miles walked: 24

Continuing along the Rio San Antonio, less open meadow and more shrubs and brambles are growing along the banks.Near a private holding a large truck is thoroughly stuck in the mud. What is the story here? Continue reading “High Plains”

Rio San Antonio

  • NNML 2019 Day 14, June 23, Sunday
  • Start mile 10 of Chama spur trail
  • End along Rio San Antonio NNML mile 224 (sec4mile14)
  • Miles walked: 24

Cyclists doing the bicycle version of the CDT greet me and chat on the road up to Brazos Ridge.Another couple of bikers, Jake and Melissa from Europe, camped with the previous group, but are taking a slower pace.Brazos Ridge Overlook has good views.Finally back on the NNML, I go past a strange rock formation of self-stacking blocks.The trail continues with mountain meadows bordered with stands of trees. The trail follows Beaver Creek, then up Diablo Creek, and finally Rio San Antonio, for several miles and the rest of the day.Sheep rest in the shade.