Cowles Willow Trimming 2023

Six NMVFO volunteers met at Cowles near the eastern edge of the Pecos Wilderness to trim willow plugs that had been planted along the Pecos River as part of a restoration project earlier in the year. Our briefing is that the young willows were too tall, and needed to be cut back to survive their first winter.

We planted some of the trimmed cuttings closer to the water in case they might root and survive.

Colorado Trail 2023

(PDF download of trip journal)

Post CT

  • CT Day 25, July 24, Monday
  • Start: Durango CO
  • End: Lemitar NM

Departing the hostel, I took a trolley (free this month) to the Durango and Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad (D&SNGRR) train depot, where historic steam engine excursions depart and arrive daily. My son arrived to give me a ride back to New Mexico.

But first we spent some time browsing the (free) museum housed in the roundhouse building that services the locomotives.

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