CDTC San Pedro Parks 2024

Six NMVFO volunteers joined CDTC staff and volunteers, and NM Mountain Club volunteers, for a weekend project near San Gregorio Lake Trailhead. When scouting the trail we observed several thru-hikers taking the wrong intersections at a particular confusing spot, which we managed to improve. We also repaired badly eroded trail on a steep embankment along Nacimiento Creek.

The next day we split into two teams and cleared downed trees from the trailhead to Nacimiento Mine, about 6.7 miles away. This was the first two-person crosscut experience for several volunteers.

On the final half-day we cleared drains on the trail up to San Gregorio Lake.

A big thanks goes out to CDTC staff leaders Kinsey and Michael, and cook Randi, and all the volunteers, for a memorable high-morale weekend.

Sawyer Class 2024

Five NMVFO volunteers and five NMWild new-hires met at Tres Piedras Ranger Station to be certified as crosscut sawyers, in a two-day class taught by Craig, Jennifer, and Courtney from the Carson National Forest. The first day of the new USFS curriculum is theory, presented as Powerpoint with embedded videos.

Volunteers car-camped at nearby 64-G dispersed camping area.

The next day was all field instruction and evaluation.

A big thanks goes out to our instructors with the Carson, and volunteers for dedicating time to level-up and maintain their trail skills.

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