Datil Well 2018

This could be my third trail project with NMVFO at Datil Well BLM Campground, between the VLA and Pie Town. Ranchers used the Magdadena Stock Driveway in the 19th and 20th centuries to move cattle and sheep between Springerville, AZ and the railroad at Magdalena, NM. Wells were drilled every 10 miles or so to provide water for the animals, and Datil Well is the site of one of those wells. A tiny museum/visitor center is at the main campground near the camp hosts, well worth a visit.

We stayed at the group campground August 24-26, 2018. Some used campers, and the rest of us were in tents. Friday night we dined at the nearby Eagle Guest Ranch. Rain fell before dinner and during the first night.

We cut a large span of new trail in grassy soil, with few rocks and obstacles to slow us down. Continue reading “Datil Well 2018”

PCT 2018

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