Wheels on the Bus

After lining up to board the bus, and no vehicle arriving, and staying lined up for an hour with no bus appearing, we were finally told the driver was “sick” and no replacement driver could be found. Well past midnight, finding a hotel room is impractical, so most of us were forced to spend the night in the bus station.

The bus terminal management perceived a problem with downtown transients, so every couple of hours a loud intercom announcement told us to get our bus tickets out for inspection, and anyone without a ticket was thrown out of the building. If you got up to stretch your legs, also expect to be challenged by a security guard demanding to see tour ticket. Continue reading “Wheels on the Bus”

Close Enough

I started ultra-early this morning, on the trail at 5AM at dawn.


The plan is to zip through today’s long paved road-walk as early as possible, to give me time to get to Steamboat Springs, reserve and print out a bus ticket, and still have time to do laundry and clean up and get town food before the bus leaves at 3:30PM.


Following along CO 14, my guess was correct to stop last night where I did. Most land along both sides of the road was on ranches posted as no-trespassing, aside from some state trust land that prohibited camping. Continue reading “Close Enough”