Black Range CDT Reroute III 2020

Four volunteers joined two staffers from the Continental Divide Trail Coalition to work on a trail reroute in the Black Range. We met Thursday afternoon across from a cabin near the base of Lookout Mountain, along dry Chloride Creek, after a challenging 4wd drive. Our camp was shaded by Ponderosa pine and tall Gambel oak, unlike the low shrub typical in the state. On Friday we did finishing touches, tread-work and lopping, on new CDT trail created by recent projects.

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CDT Segment 86 Recon

I went with Cairn to a section of CDT trail outside of Pie Town to see if this would be a good section to adopt. Cairn likes 4WD, and I like trails, so this seemed to be a good overlap.

From Mangas Road south, we took a series of two-tracks with high center, not really suitable for normal cars, and arrived at the northern terminus to “Segment 86”, where BLM land ends and USFS land begins. A trailhead sign was here, unexpectedly, since the road access seemed pretty challenging to me.

The trail here is single track, real constructed trail headed south over a rise of low mountains, among juniper and pinon. Water bars and a rolling dip show that someone is caring for the trail and trying to keep erosion in check.

Cairn stands next to a cairn near the trailhead that needs work.

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