Hayduke 2022 Gear

First we build the tools, then they build us.

Marshall McLuhan

Some backpackers are gear-heads, talking endlessly to each other about the latest equipment developments. I am not one of those. I do not breathlessly scan the latest trends and developments. I totally missed the sun-hoodie fad, only noticing this trip when seeing twelve day-hikers in a row wear them going the other direction in Hurricane Canyon. Much of my gear remains the same as in 2012– even a few of the same original pieces. Other items, made out of Cuben fiber, now Dyneema, have been replaced with the same model after excessive fraying, and I did not hunt very hard for a similar item from another manufacturer. So I am no authority on gear. However, for anyone who might care, here is my brain-dump on equipment used during a quite challenging trip.

Most of you should skip this post unless you are rabid gear-o-philes. Go on, get out of here.

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Hayduke Trail 2022

(PDF download of trip journal)


HDT 2022 Day 39, May 9, Monday
Start near Zion boundary S14 mile 55.6
End East Mesa Trailhead
Miles walked: 19.2

Entering the national park boundary, the route follows a series of cross-country instructions for five miles, along ridges and washes.

The white/gray rock faces, with accents of pink, tend to be slanted 15-30 degrees from vertical, instead of completely vertical cliffs in other areas.

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