CDT Segment 86 October 2019

I finally got time to completely hike my adopted 11-mile segment of the CDT, starting at noon on October 23 at the southern terminus on forest road 4017L, lopping brush the entire afternoon, and arriving at the northern boundary at 7PM dusk.

Because this is USFS land, I am required to wear protective gear: hard hat, boots, long clothes, eye protection, and work gloves. The first few miles are flat on burnt and cleared land, with parallel stock trails.

Later the parallel trails became more braided, sometimes 6 paths across. Cattle are still present– how long will they be left to graze?

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New Canyon and Manzano Crest Trails Add-On 2 2019

Five NMVFO members (Don, Ed, Kitry, Bill M, and myself) returned to New Canyon Campground and hiked up to the crest for a day of crosscut sawing in the Manzano Wilderness.

A few new obstacles had fallen across the trail, and we tackled a few Problem and Hazard trees bypassed on previous outings. Bill, a sawyer with deep experience, talked us through analyzing a complicated situation, anticipating how the tree would move after a cut, and how to plan our escape paths.

The oak had turned a dark red on this brisk fall day, contrasting with the yellow aspen and dark conifers.