GET 2017 Day 32, May 27, Saturday.

Start Segment 30 mile 12.1 of 16.3, near stock pond in Milligan Hills near national forest boundary

End Magdalena Segment 31 mile 16.9

Miles walked:   24.5

The route on this section of trail has certainly changed from my practice hike last year, apparently due to a landowner shutting off access through a forest road that goes through private property. The new route includes difficult cross-country zig-zags to finish Milligan Hills.

On dirt road on the back side of Magdalena Mountains, I saw a bear that acted different, not running off like most black bears.

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GET 2017 Day 31, May 26, Friday.

Start Segment 29 mile 7.4 of 19.8, on FR138 on high ridge of the San Mateo Mountains

End Segment 30 mile 12.1 near stock pond in Milligan Hills near national forest boundary

Miles walked:   24.5

My nice forest road is eroded due to a very recent burn. This was smooth road last year during my practice hike.

A side trip adds another lookout tower.

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Cabin at Lookout

GET 2017 Day 29, May 24, Wednesday.

Start Kelly Canyon bottom, Segment 27 mile 21.9 of 29.5

End inside cabin at San Mateo Peak and Lookout, elevation 10,139 , on a side trail along Apache Kid Trail 43, Segment 28 mile 7.5

Miles walked:   15.1

Walking on dirt road in early morning, I see three small dark shapes ahead about the size of bear cubs. They do not respond to me making noise. Creeping closer, they reveal their true nature, javelinas– wild pigs.

Burma Road, FR377, goes along a high ridge, drops down into a deep canyon, and climbs out again, bringing me to Shipman Trailhead after several miles walk.

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