San Lorenzo Canyon 2022

Fourteen volunteers from NMVFO and one BLM staffer returned to San Lorenzo for a one-day trail project, completing the rim trail route started last November, and adding another overlook loop, making one reroute, closing off user trail, and building cairns.

We also constructed a trail down to Little San Lorenzo, a slot canyon that is destined to become a favorite destination of local hikers.

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San Lorenzo Canyon 2021

Eighteen NMVFO volunteers car-camped at the cottonwood grove November 5-7, near the end of the drive into San Lorenzo Canyon, just south of the Sevilleta Wildlife Refuge. We partnered with BLM to construct new trail and upgrade user trail on the south rim of the canyon to make a 2.5 mile loop with the main drainage.

BLM had already constructed a kiosk to mark the beginning of the trail, and we installed 8 metal trail markers to help show the route and overlooks. The view from the rim looking down on the canyon shows off the geology of this area.

We enjoyed camping together with good weather and superb location for this late-season trail construction project.

Thanks crew boss Nick, team leaders Jenny, Mike M, and Rob S, cooks Marie and Hillary, with Charlie, Ed, Pam & Rob, Danielle & Kai & Paige, Russ, Carlos, Catlin, and Christy for a memorable outing.

This trail is near the San Lorenzo high water alternate route for the Grand Enchantment Trail, and perhaps someday may become part of that trail.

This project site was only 10.1 miles from my house! That is a new distance record, but may be broken by another new trail BLM is planning for next year…