Black Range CDT Reroute III 2020

Four volunteers joined two staffers from the Continental Divide Trail Coalition to work on a trail reroute in the Black Range. We met Thursday afternoon across from a cabin near the base of Lookout Mountain, along dry Chloride Creek, after a challenging 4wd drive. Our camp was shaded by Ponderosa pine and tall Gambel oak, unlike the low shrub typical in the state. On Friday we did finishing touches, tread-work and lopping, on new CDT trail created by recent projects.

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Red Canyon Trail 2020

NMVFO volunteers gathered for one day of trail work on Red Canyon Trail (and spur trail to the hiker trailhead) in the Manzanos. Three of us camped out the night before at Red Canyon Campground, and we all gathered at the trailhead for our morning briefing.

Along with sawing and lopping, we were allowed to work on tread– my first project with a MacLeod and pick all year! Rolling dips just do not show well in my photos, but we installed at least 10 water diversions today. The trail was trenched out in several places, and reroutes may be required someday.

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