From Lookout to Lookout

GET 2017 Day 30, May 25, Thursday.

Start at cabin at San Mateo Peak and Lookout, elevation 10,139 , on a side trail along Apache Kid Trail 43, Segment 28 mile 7.5 of 20.3

End Section 29 mile 7.4, on FR138 on high ridge of the San Mateo Mountains

Miles walked:   20.2

Goodbye tower.

Goodbye inside cabin.

Goodbye sunrise.

The woods along the Apache Kid Trail in the Cibola National Forest is quite different from my sampling of the Gila National Forest: thickly growing, fewer burns, many dead trees on the ground, and enough moisture for actual rotting of logs.

Did I mention many fallen logs?

Sometimes the trail follows a narrow corridor through aspens, new growth after a recent burn.

A bear was near the trail at the Apache Kid Wilderness boundary. Oh, if I could amble up a steep slope as easily as that critter.

These guys not shy.

After considerable switchbacks down and up during the day, along with a disappearing Apache Kid Trail following tree marks, one finally arrives at Grassy Lookout Tower.

A plaque commemorates the historic nature of the lookout.

Enjoy the views…


The tower is locked, so this is the only view I could capture– not very high.

FR138 goes along a high ridge in or near the Withington Wilderness– a pleasure to walk with views peeking out of both sides.

Here is one of the views at day’s close.

Camp is high, at nearly 10k feet, with winds whipping the higher trees. Seeking a windbreak among shrubs just off the ridge, I bundle up for a cold night.

[finished audiobook The Man Who Would Be King, by Rudyard Kipling.]

[finished audio story 2BR02B, by Kurt Vonnegut.]

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