Holden Village and Stehekin

PCT 2018 Day 106, August 6, Monday

Start mile 9 of 11 of Hart Lyman Trail, then skip to milepoint 2569.4, Highpoint ranger station

End Bridge Creek Camp, mile 2574.3

Miles walked: 6.9

On the way in to Holden I meet Avocado, camped with several hikers just out of town. He is not stopping at all in Holden, but going through to finish the fire detour trail into Stehekin.

A covered bridge leads to a small hydroelectric installation. Holden Village is a Lutheran family camp with lodges, yurts, and… no cars. They have been really kind to the PCT hikers that unexpectedly showed up due to trail closure. Hollywood, another northbounder, explained to me the amenities, like free showers, free laundry, low price meals in the cafeteria, free cereal anytime, a computer with internet in the library.

After continental breakfast, we check the internet and find that the PCT is still closed to the north of us at Rainey Pass due to the Cutthroat Fire. Both Hollywood and I decide to skip the 17 mile final part of the fire re-route into Stehekin, and take the ferry on Lake Chelan there instead. Several southbounders have said the trail is difficult, overgrown, and somewhat dangerous. Holden offers a shuttle to Lucerne to catch the ferry in late morning, for a modest charge. The ferry, Lady of the Lake II, allows purchase of tickets on board, at reasonable rates. Some campsites can only be reached by ferry or other watercraft. I miss Lake George… The ferry stops at Stehekin Landing. Shuttle busses can take us further up the road places we might want to visit, for a substantial ticket price. Hollywood and I stop by the park service station at the Landing, and learn the happy news that the trail is now open! I get a camping permit to a camp location a few miles past High Point, while Hollywood decides to stay the night in Stehekin. I walk to the post office and get my last supply box! After organizing my food bag I go back to the general store to buy wifi, only to learn that they were out of vouchers, whatever that means. I take a free shuttle to the famous bakery, to spend a couple of hours recharging and grazing, until the final shuttle. Avocado is at the bakers, and describes the hike I skipped. He decides to spend the night here and get his supply box in the morning.

When the Red Bus comes to tack me to High Bridge Ranger Station to resume the PCT, Hollywood is there, having changed his mind, along with Clutch. The young ranger chats with us for a while, eager to improve his knowledge of local trails. I hike to the campsite assigned on my permit, joined by Clutch at dark.

Finished audiobook Your Days Are Numbered, by Myke Bartlett.

Author: Jim, Sagebrush

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