Rainy Pass

PCT 2018 Day 107, August 7, Tuesday

Start Bridge Creek Camp, mile 2574.3

End campsite at Methow River, 2604.1

Miles walked: 29.8

On the trail up to Rainy Pass I ate many blueberries, but I was not the only one. I meet a lively group of people my age out for a section hike northbound, a group that har been together for many years. We chat for several minutes. The hike up to Rainy Pass, 2,1k to 4.9k, was covered with trees, blocking views. At Highway 20 the mountains come into view. Up near Cutthroat Pass, 6.8k, unusually smoke cloud formation from an active forest fire dominates the view. I am told this is not from the Cutthroat Fire, but a different fire that does not threaten the trail, and that fires change smoke appearance during toe day in this area. The trail stays on the side of exposed ridge for several miles, past Granite Pass, 6.8k, and the views are inspiring. The trail descends to 4.4k. Just before dark I arrive at a campsite near a river, and Hollywood is already camped there.

Author: Jim, Sagebrush

Jim (trail-name Sagebrush) codes audio software for Windows, Linux, Android, and embedded systems. When not working at sagebrush.com, he enjoys backpacking, which this blog is about.