Ski Boundary

PCT 2018 Day 54, June 15, Friday.

Start mile 1112.6, campsites at Phipps Creek

End mile 1137.9 campsite Miles walked: 25.3 Rotting in forest Bright green lichen Climbing up, I can see Lake Tahoe in the distance, better than my camera can. Looking at jagged peaks in distance, likely where I am headed. The path departs from the Tahoe Rim Trail, so I see fewer hikers. The trail does climb up on a high steep ridge. The wind is fierce, making the altitude seem higher than 9k. The ridge is part of a ski area boundary. I meet some PCT hikers going the other way, flip-flopping to give the Sierras time to thaw.

Finished audiobook Tess of the Durbervilles, by Thomas Hardy,

Lakes Lakes

PCT 2018 Day 53, June 14, Thursday.

Start mile 1091.5, tent-sized flat spot

End mile 1112.6, campsites at Phipps Creek Miles walked: 21.1 Walking out of the woods, I went past Echo Lake, with several summer cabins. Climbing up a ridge, the next water is Aloha Lake. Climbing up another ridge, more lakes. Many more lakes– I won’t show them all.
Climbing up to Dicks Pass at 9k from the start of the day at 7.5k, a good deal of snow must be crossed, with views of more lakes. The day ends back at 7.6k elevation. Many backpackers pass by today, doing parts of the Tahoe Rim Trail.

Brief South Lake Tahoe

PCT 2018 Day 52, June 13, Wednesday.

Start campsites at mile 1073.2, go to 1090.6, accept a ride to South Lake Tahoe, resupply and eat a meal, get a ride back up

End mile 1091 5, tent-sized flat spot

Miles walked: 18.3

Climbing over the Elephant’s Back meant traversing more snow fields early in the morning. Tootsie Roll passes, planning on getting to South Lake Tahoe today. Other hikers I met are headed to the same place. I only just resupplied 3 or 4 days ago, so I do not feel the need for a hostel stay yet, but I do need a grocery for 5 days of food. Assuming I get to the road to get to town early enough that I can get back before dark and camp. For a while the way is along high meadow, flat os gently descending. In the distance I can just see Lake Tahoe, I think. Then snow and more snow. You must be tired of snow photos by now. The climb down to Echo Summit has plenty of snow, but also cool lichen-accented mountain-side. I meet FlipFlop, Enigma, and one other on the way down. I do get to town, get groceries at Raleys (free wifi) and make meals, then have breakfast food at Dennys (free wifi), take the bus back to the “Y’ intersection, and return to the trail, all in just a few short hours.

Badlands Woodlands Lakes

PCT 2018 Day 51, June 12, Tuesday.

Start mile 1046.8, campsites

End campsites at mile 1073.2

Miles walked: 26.4

After Ebbitts Pass, snow clears, and many rock outcroppings appear, like a sandstone badlands above a forest.

More rock outcroppings Lowlands are in the distance. For many days only mountains, no lowlands have been visible.

We see many lakes in late afternoon, sort of a lake district.

Snow finally reappears and stays the rest of the day.

I see Tootsie Roll and one of the couples from yesterday, but not the other.

Finished audiobook Riders of the Purple Sage, by Zane Grey.

Still Snow

PCT 2018 Day 50, June 11, Monday.

Start mile 1021.9, small campsite

End mile 1046.8, campsites

Miles walked: 24.5

Many snow crossings and finding buried trail throughout the day, in mixed conifer forest, with a few miles of clear trail.

At the end of the day, approaching Ebbetts Pass, are many switchbacks, rock formations, and steep ravines.

Two couples and one lone hiker were seen several times today as we kept passing each other.