Ox Canyon Trail #190 2021

Volunteers from NMVFO met to cut deadfalls along Ox Canyon Trail in the Manzanos this weekend. Most came Friday night and camped out, but I had to join Saturday morning for breakfast, hosted by our cook Bronwyn.

Ox Canyon had gentle grades with well-engineered switchbacks, and might be the easiest trail to get to the Crest Trail of the Manzanos. Seven of us leap-frogged clearing dead trees from the trail until lunch, when two split off to handle a small number of deadfall along the crest between Ox and Red Canyon.

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First Aid for Sawyers 2021

Jennifer, our volunteer coordinator from Santa Fe National Forest, led a one-day first aid class for volunteers from NMVFO and the USFS volunteer program at Little Tesuque picnic pavilion along Hyde Park Road north of Santa Fe. Participants had already completed hours of on-line instruction, and today was in-person practice with treatment scenarios.

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