Sev to Sixty

Monday, May 23, 2016
Grand Enchantment Trail section-hike Polvadera NM to Tijeras NM, starting here
Day 2
Start waypoint 33230 Segment 33 mile 19.4
Stop waypoint north of 33470 Segment 33 mile 39.6, a few miles south of Highway 60
Miles walked 39.6 – 19.4 = 20.2

Early in the day I meet thru-hiker Chimichanga.


He was as surprised to see me as I was to see him, as this trail does not have any hikers. He agrees it is pretty late to be hiking in Arizona later, and has a sun umbrella and plans siestas during the heat of the day.

A branding station near the dirt road is ready for cattle.


I pass a ranch house on a long dry road walk, and happen to see someone doing yard work, so I ask to use the faucet.


The day brings a lot of cross-country walking, sometimes along fence lines but often with no landmarks as a guide.


I finish the day just a few miles from highway 60, where I left a food cache, and included some treats and extra water that will be a treat.

[finished audiobook How to Succeed in Evil: Consultation with a Vampire by Patrick E McClean]


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