Saturday, May 28, 2016
Grand Enchantment Trail section hike Polvadera NM to Tijeras NM, starting here
Day 7
Start waypoint 37019 Segment 36 mile 33.0 on Turkey Trot Trails south of Tijeras
Stop waypoint 37170 Segment 37 mile 12.8 Sandia Forest Service Ranger Station and transport back to civilization
Miles walked 12.8

The trail goes right along Department of Energy land set-aside with dire warnings.


Soon the forest looks much better than yesterday, more balanced somehow, with less discard limbs from recent thinning and better plant diversity.


I had made arrangements yesterday with family to meet at the Ranger Station today at 11AM, but am embarrassed to see that I mis-read the map and have a lot more hiking to do this morning than expected.

The road and network of trails south of Tijeras (scissors in Spanish) is heavily used by mountain bikers, road cyclists, rock climbers, and day hikers this fine weekend morning.

I skip the winding Tunnel Canyon Trail and stay on NM 337 for a fast road-walk to make up for my mistake…


and arrive nearly on time, within 10 minutes or so.


Now to get ready for CDT Montana!

[no audiobook on this short day]


Author: Jim, Sagebrush

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