Rain Magic

​GET 2017 Day 6, March 23, Thursday.

Start just past village of Kelvin, segment 4 mile 1.5

End Freeman Road Trailhead, segment 4 mile 27.6

Miles walked: 26.1

Light rain started at 3AM, sometimes becoming heavy. Rain continued as I broke camp. Temperatures drop in a major way from the heat wave of the pash several days, and clouds suggest an all-day rain.

The trail ascends to a series of gravelly ridges with views.

Rains do finally subside, but clouds threaten most of the day, and brief showers mean putting back on the rain jacket.Later the land becomes low  rolling hills with frequent washes

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​GET 2017 Day 5, March 22, Wednesday.

Start near boundary of Tonto National Forest, segment 3 mile 11.7 of 30.8, off GET to follow new AZT trail alignment for a few miles.

End just past village of Kelvin, segment 4 mile 1.5

GET Trail miles walked: 20.6

Going down Red Mountain in early morning, I head towards the Gila River.

While still high up, the river channel can be seen in the distance.

Another monster blocks the path, until the sound of trekking poles knocked together encourages it to leave.

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Here Be Monsters

​GET 2017 Day 4, March 21, Tuesday.

Start near Superior, segment 2 mile 16.2, then walk into town.

End near boundary of Tonto National Forest, segment 3 mile 11.7, off GET to follow new AZT trail alignment for a few miles.

Trail miles walked: 14

Striking stealth camp a couple of miles from Superior, I hike along US60, dodging massive construction. Getting on Main Street (starts at Buckhorn Tavern) I walk to historic downtown district to use the library and post office. Downtown is struggling, but some effort is being made to refurbish old buildings.

WIFI at the library was non-functioning, and also slow or broken at any open wifi point. Was a key internet link into town down today? No blog posts can transmit until another town.

I got my supply box at the post office right after it opened at 8:30. An AZT hiker was in line after me, who was staying in town another day.

On the walk out of town I stopped at the arboretum, to become more familiar with the Sonoran eco-zone plants I am seeing on this hike.

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Trails Merge

​GET 2017 Day 3, March 20, Monday.

Start near Angel Basin, section 1 mile 25.9.

End near Superior, section 2 mile 16.2

Miles walked: 20.6

In Roger’s Canyon, cliff dwellings guard the entrance.

The canyon is also notable for the change of plant life. Gone are all succulents, replaced by actual trees. The high walls and narrow canyon trap air cooled by rushing water, making for a pleasant morning walk that corkscrews through the passage.

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Difficulty Level

​GET 2017 Day 2, March 19, Sunday.

Start near Upper Black Top Mesa Pass, section 1 mile 5.

End near Angel Basin, section 1 mile 25.9.

Miles walked: 20.9

The route continues on Dutchmen Trail, with easy grades, often near creeks.

Finally leaving Dutchmen, the route goes on Red Tanks Trail, Hoolie Bacon Trail, JF Trail, and Rogers Canyon Trail, often more difficult grades, narrow, sometimes hard to find, frequently climbing out of box canyons.

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