Enter East Glacier

CDT Montana 2016

Day 36, August 10, Wednesday

Start Summit Campground 25-356WT near Marias Pass

Stop town of East Glacier, near border of Glacier National Park, at Brownies Hostel

Miles walked: 15.5

Rain pounded the tent all night, and continues this morning.

Looking for the CDT in the rain on the other side of the highway across from Summit Campground, the location is almost at the end of this rainbow, but I need more precise coordinates.

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Challenge Accepted

CDT Montana 2016

Day 35, August 9, Tuesday

Start 25-072XL Elbow Creek Junction

Stop Summit Campground 25-356WT near Marias Pass

Miles walked: 28.6

The goal today to make long miles, so tomorrow can arrive at East Glacier in good time.

Blah trail for a few miles, thickly overgrown, wet plants from rain in the middle of the night, until it opens up to view of ridges to be walked in the distance

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