Get On the Trail

Day 0, Tuesday, June 16, 2015
Trail start Rabbit Ears Pass, mile 1454.3
End 41-032WT near Dumont Lake, mile 1457.5

Southwest flight from Albuquerque to Denver, leaving at 6:30, arriving at 7:45, arrives late.
Go to main terminal west, level 5, island 5, and catch the 8:20 express bus to the Greyhound station arriving at 9:13. Denver airport is so large I make it to the bus stop with only a few minutes to spare, and would have been late if I had checked baggage.
My bus to Steamboat Springs leaves at 9:35, arriving at 2. Then I take the Free Bus to the post office and get a box I mailed myself so I wold not have checked luggage. Then another bus to the grocery for more food to pack, and a quick last town meal, then another bus to the east end of town where I can start hitching, at around 5PM -and it looks like rain soon.
Droplets start falling and I am almost ready to give up after a half hour of holding up my “Hiker To Trail” sign when someone gives me a lift– the least talkative hitch I ever had. The dog, Luna, was cute, though.


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On Road and Rail to Trail

5:30AM Socorro NM shuttle departs to Belen train station, fare $2.25

6:30 NM Rail Runner train departs Belen station for Santa Fe, fare $10.00
Hit a cow just out of Kewa station, disconnected a couple of air hoses, paused several minutes for repair. Scheduled arrival 9:00, actual arrival 9:xx. Connecting shuttle to Espanola notified of delay, and asked to wait.

The shuttle did not wait. Now I have time to explore Santa Fe before next shuttle at 11:45. This shuttle does not leave from Capitol Station, so I have to go to Marcy Street bus stop near the plaza.

I could take a bus to the plaza, but there is a pleasant walking trail that nearly spans the distance from Capitol Station and Santa Fe Depot Station near the plaza.

During the hike the Farmer’s Market is in session, so I look for a cyclist buddy I met on last year’s hike, who tells fortunes at the market. He is not there today.

I pass the train at depot station, and see evidence of the unfortunate collision earlier.

On the way to market street a sign displays a walking tour of the plaza area given by the NM Museum of History, just about to start. Sure, I go on the tour. Continue reading “On Road and Rail to Trail”