Datil Well 2019

The New Mexico Volunteers for the Outdoors (NMVFO) returns for a weekend at the BLM Datil Well Campground. On Friday, as is now tradition, campers dined together at Eagle Nest Guest Ranch in Datil.

On Saturday we built new trail on a proposed hiking loop to camping sites that may be used by scouting groups. Terrain was grassy, with scattered pinon and juniper, few rocks, and mild slopes.

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Winsor Trail 2019

The NMVFO worked on a single-day project on a Tuesday, to replace an old log crossing at Nambe Creek on the Winsor Trail, about 2 miles into the Pecos Wilderness from the Ski Santa Fe trailhead.

The old split-log bridge was rotting and water-logged, with questionable footing.

Boulders were levered in place with rock bars, to use as stepping stones.

The old logs were sawed and removed. Waterlogged, they were surprisingly heavy to lift, and needed to be cut into small sections.

Along with agency contact Jennifer and leader Mike T, Dan, Walt, Dennis, Katie, Nancy, Doug, Anna, Jenny, and Paul all did good work today to improve public lands.

I hiked this section of trail this year, as part of the Northern New Mexico Loop.