Road Hard

In the morning while passing a vaporous lake


the grass along the trail has dew, and in places even frost. This does not help my wet shoe situation.
The path moves on dirt road through aspen forest.


For the rest of the day we stay on dirt road, gravel road, road-to-trail, some paved road, and gravel road, with a bit of pathway connecting it all. Elevation is in the 9000s, a hot day with clouds attempting to become thunder-clouds and start the monsoon season.

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Follow That Creek

My feet and shin took a beating yesterday, trying to keep up with another much faster hiker relatively early in my hike. I ran into this issue on a previous hike, and should know better. Lesson re-learned.
The day starts with a climb up to San Luis Pass.
My side-trip up San Luis Peak


has the longest continuous span of trail over scree I have ever experienced, over half a mile of the stuff. Continue reading “Follow That Creek”